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The Veterina Portal is a unique Web portal launched for the purpose of professional and popular public information, gathering veterinarians, friends of the veterinary profession and other professionals in a way to promote veterinary medicine, veterinary institutions, individuals and organizations and their official goals, as well as to promote all businesses in the supporting industries and sectors, particularly those whose products or services are necessary and indispensable in the daily performance of veterinary services.

Consequently, the Veterina Portal has a number of different categories with the space provided for each business entity whose business is directly or indirectly related to veterinary services and veterinary medicine. This way, Veterina Portal is a kind of permanent Fair, offering all the facilities included in these businesses portfolio, regardless if they conduct veterinary services or supporting activities and operations. The Veterina portal provides a significant advertising space to its sponsors and partners, on an exclusive base.

Data on veterinary organizations in Croatia are already available on Veterina portal and this base is to be expanded to veterinary organisations in other countries in the region. Within the category of ‘Emergency intervention‘, we also specify the exact geographical location of veterinary organizations on Google Maps to make these services easier to find by the users, in case of need. Currently, this category consists in a minor number of veterinary subjects located in Croatia and Montenegro, but it is very easy to expand quickly on request.
The service is free of charge.

As a part of Veterina Portal we have launched the ‘VetBook‘, which represents a growing online veterinary community with free registration and membership. The goal of the VetBook is to establish additional connections among veterinarians and to ensure the exchange of information, including promotion and any kind of personal interests through professional knowledge and experience. Each individual profile’s details are hidden if the profile is not marked as public.

Vetbook is currently available in different languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Macedonian. Veterina Portal will provide a VetBook translation also in other languages, primarily in Slovenian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Turkish, Greek and Russian, with further improvement of its design and functionality.
In the category ‘Experts answer…‘ we started a lasting co-operation with several both established and locally well known specialists in certain areas of veterinary medicine, as well as with experts from other professions, especially medical doctors. In this category, we promote experts who are ready to be involved in responding to specific questions sent by readers. Only trusted and proven professionals are involved in this category.

Veterina Portal supports and promotes the ‘One Health‘ initiative, cooperates with and follows the work of institutions and their activities related to this initiative. It has a cooperation contract with the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb and the Croatian Veterinary Institute. Veterina Portal also emphasizes the contacts and collaboration with some experts from Institute of Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar” and The University Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” (Zagreb, Croatia). Veterina Portal has also established contacts with some of relevant specialists and institutions from the region (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) with the expectation of establishing new contractual cooperation, as those achieved in Croatia. Moreover, the Veterina Portal has a strong tendency to ensure new contacts and cooperation with all interested professionals and institutions, regardless if they are situated in the region or worldwide, such as contacts with OneHealthInitiative.com.

Veterina Portal respects the rules of the veterinary profession and strives to be a quality support to professional associations and their activities, but also to all other events and activities which include any kind of veterinary services and/or involvement.

We are interested in contractual cooperation with new partners and sponsors, both individual and institutional, who have interests in online advertising to expert profiled audience: veterinarians, epidemiologists, biologists and other public health professionals, animal owners, pet lovers and lovers of the veterinary profession, as well as all other visitors.

Advertising on Veterina Portal includes two basic models:

    by advertising through sponsored articles, and
    through banner advertising [package] which includes a number of sponsored articles.

The individual sponsored articles can be published in any local language, with no sponsorship or partnership needed. Banner advertising is reserved exclusively for site sponsors and partners. Articles which do not include any company or product name at all, nor promote any individual professional – except in specific categories – and are intended exclusively to provide objective and non-commercial information to visitors, are published free of charge. Free publishing includes announcements of any kind of future meetings where veterinary practitioners or veterinary scientists are invited, involved or participates in anyway. Free publishing includes publishing of basic information of any content relevant to scope of Veterina portal, previously approved by Editor-In-Chief.

Some categories already have thir contractual sponsors (‘Education’, ‘Domestic Animal Diseases’, ‘Wholesalers’, ‘Diagnostics’, ‘Public Health’, ‘Pet Food’) but there are still non-sponsored categories, such as:
‘Societies and associations’, ‘Literature’, ‘Publishers and Bookstores’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Popular Articles and Video’ (written/recorded by vets from small animal clinics, with a number of categories, as ‘Surgery’, ‘Dermatology’, ‘Parasitology’, ‘Pharmacology’, ‘Nutrition’, etc.), ‘Meetings’, ‘Experts Answers’, ‘I Need a Vet’, ‘Veterinary Science’, ‘Animal Welfare’, ‘Veterinary-Medicinal Products’, ‘VMP Manufacturers’, ‘Veterinary Organisations’, ‘Employment’, ‘Legislative’, ‘Zoonoses and One Health’, ‘Wild Animals’, ‘Feeding’, ‘Pet Shop’, ‘Pet Equipment’, ‘Breeding’.

If you are interested in any kind of co-operation, regardless if you are a single veterinarian, a veterinary institution or you deal with related business activities or interests, we kindly invite you to contact us and ask for a more specific offer.

With kind regards,
Veterina Portal – Editor-In-Chief

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